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People are the most valuable asset and their time is just that much a valuable resource. To avail the benefits of time-attendance policies, biometric machine for attendance must be chosen wisely. Managing peopleā€²s attendance and timings is a basic, yet critical challenge for any organization. One cannot underestimate the complexity of time and attendance due to organizational structure, hierarchy and disparate operational needs. It is very challenging to capture time and attendance rules of an organization and automate them because of the diversity in attendance, timings and leave policies from one location to another, from one department to another and from a person to person. Matrix COSEC Time-Attendance solution meets these diverse requirements by offering a superlative range of flexibility in attendance policies, configuration, integration and report generation. Matrix biometric time-attendance system can be seamlessly integrated with any third-party payroll system.

Matrix COSEC hardware devices are installed at entry and exit points to capture user entries and exits. These award-winning devices are superlative in designs, versatile in functions and robust in performance. They support multiple credentials such as Palm Vein, Fingerprint and RFID Card, multiple connectivity options and SMS/Email notifications fulfill time-attendance requirement of all types of organization.



Key Features

Mark Attendance Using Multiple Credentials


Auto Data Push from Device to Server


Organizational Hierarchy


Selectable Entry/Exit Modes


Late-In/Early-Out Policy


Overtime Policy and Authorization


Compensatory Off (C-OFF) Policy and Authorization


Absenteeism Policy


Shifts and Schedules


Holidays and Restricted Holidays


SMS/Email Notifications


Manual Attendance Correction


Leave Management


150+ Reports and Charts
Integration with Payroll, ERP or HRM Software


Multi-location Enterprise Application

Multi-location Enterprise Application

CO SEC Door Controllers supporting bio-metric attendance system are installed at large enterprises having corporate office, manufacturing plant, branch offices and remote sites at different geographical locations. These are connected with CO SEC CENTRAL using available connectivity (VPN, WAN, LAN, Wi-Fi, 3G/LTE). COSEC Door Controllers record user attendance through bio-metric or RFID Cards and sends the data to CO SEC CENTRAL application server in real-time. CO-SEC CENTRAL processes attendance data and sends to the payroll software.

Small Office Application

Small Office Application